Vietnam grew faster than china last year

Viet Nam's economy was one of the weakest in the world. The 20-year Vietnam War ended in 1975. and growth under the five-year central plans of the ministry was dead. The  GDP ranged between $200 and $300 by the mid-1980s. Yet a lot shifted then. In 1986, " a series of profit-making and policymaking changes took place by the ministry . It led the country to become a "socialist market economy."

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It is now one of the stars of the universe of growing markets. China's growth is 6-7%, and its exports are worth as much as the amount of its GDP. It makes almost all things from shoes to phones. 

Vietnam lacks the health system of many nations. Its public health programs put figures under control. And it has been praised. Testing kits were easy to produce. It helped to check numbers better. This year, the world has seen slow growth. And its once-booming tourism industry has been hit hard. But the worst effect of the pandemic has been stopped. In 2020, It was one of the top growing nations in Asia. And it continues to report growth last year against the coronavirus. In 2020, it saw 2.9 percent growth, edged out by the Taiwan economy's 2.98 percent growth. The nation is a  production center for goods. It helped to move firms out of China. It aims to avoid the tensions between China and Washington. 

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Vietnam's economy is still seeing rapid growth. And it is on track to become better in market capitalization. It aims to beat the other nations. The VN-Index saw an excellent start to 2021. but later dropped sharply as the concerns of a coronavirus growth weighed on market value. The index has risen by around 1 percent thus far in 2021, as of its close on Tuesday. Still, Tay said that for those looking to invest in it risks exist. Liquidity remains a problem. The ministry uses money controls as a currency rule option.

Alternatively termed a money agent by the Treasury Department of the u.s. Its economy still has 'huge growth' and is observed to keep growing each day.

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