Samsung is turning old Galaxy smartphones into medical diagnostic cameras.

The action is taking place in India, Vietnam, Morocco, and New Guinea. It helps to improve access to eye care.

Samsung is repurposing its old Galaxy phones into medical cameras for countries like India

It unites with the IAPB and YUHS in Korea. It helped to make tools. The tool scan for eye disease using old Galaxy smartphones. The Galaxy redo service helps in the treatment of 1 billion cases. The world is full of vision loss worldwide.

2.2 billion people worldwide suffer from a kind of vision loss. And about half of these cases are avoidable. The rate of the case varies on the cost of facilities. People globally face bars to health care. 

The gift will enhance people's lives. it will also assist in the creation of a more fair and secure world

Samsung launched the plan in 2017. it helped to showcase new ways that Galaxy gadgets can help the world.

An older smartphone will become the brain of the EYELIKE handheld fundus camera. it will attach to a lens for improved fundus view. the smartphone can also take photos In 2017, Samsung showed the Galaxy plan. It helped to support the world in new ways.

The Galaxy system uses an AI program. It helps to view the photos for disorders. And it joins to an app. the app collects details. It gives a plan at a cheap cost. The one-of-a-kind and cheap tool will scan patients for a case. 

Samsung has joined with IAPB and YUHS. And it has improved the lives and vision of over 19,000 users since 2018. It provided 90 portable ophthalmoscopes to health practitioners. 

It has now made the service available in India, Morocco.  It is also growing its screening power. It will help to build a smartphone-based tool. These will scan for cancer. it will also increase women's access to high-quality health care.

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