IndiGo staff go on strike in Goa, causing flight delays.

IndiGo's CEO announced that the airline has planned to lay off 10% of its staff. It was due to the credit recession caused by the covid pandemic.

Employees of IndiGo subsidiary go on strike in Goa; flights slightly delayed-  The New Indian Express

The latest scene had a notable effect on many sectors around the world. Flight firm is one of the most affected. IndiGo knew the case of the situation right at the onset of the crisis. 

Lately, IndiGo flights from India's well-liked holiday spot of Goa got canceled. And it was due to a strike by airport workers. IndiGo's extra Agile Airport Services went on strike. They asked for a pay increase. 

Workers demand an urgent pay raise. And this caused the airline's flights to get somewhat delayed. 

Indigo Airlines: IndiGo ground staff goes on strike in Varanasi | India  News - Times of India

"staffs of Agile have already earned their paychecks on schedule. We haven't seen any job closure in the last year, including after the covid ' said the team. A small group in Goa has created havoc at work by asking for a pay rise. They sent a pitch. it said, "We want to affirm our arms to staff's health and well-being." 

Flights are still running on time, with a tiny delay, as per the airline. "We lament the break caused to our clients. And we are seeking to obtain build-up. We will ensure that our clients continue to have a hassle-free and on-time travel experience," the firm said. 

IndiGo said that flights are running on time with a minor delay.

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The coronavirus-induced economic recession has wreaked havoc on our flights. To curb price the firm took steps such as pay cuts and brushing off staff last year. 

The firm proposed pay cuts for workers to keep the firm going after the covid. The airline firm swayed due to the complete halt of transport. In comparison, 10% of the staff had to resign. It had also sent some workers on unpaid leave, which left in January.

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