Catch up with these influential Indian-Americans behind some of the most well-known startups in the United States.

Indian-Americans lead a number of the world's leading tech firms. Most of these Indian-American CEOs have off lately made headlines.

Meet this successful bunch of Indian-Americans behind some of the most popular startups and technology firms in the US

Here's a peek at some of America's top firms' NRI CEOs.

  1. Baiju Bhatt, Robinhood

Bhatt is one of the co-founders and co-CEOs of Robinhood. It is the world's fastest-growing brokerage. 





Billionaire Founder Baiju Bhatt: A Modern-Day Robinhood - YouTube

Bhatt passed from Stanford. He then launched two finance firms in NY. Bhatt and Vlad co-founded the firm in 2015. The firm has millions of users around the world. And it is priced at $5.6 billion. It has a market value of $5.6 billion.

  1. Rohan Seth, Clubhouse

At times more and more CEOs hopped on the site to have debates. The audio-driven social media tool then made headlines around the world. Elon Musk and Zuckerberg were the most recent guests on the Clubhouse talk show.

Meet Rohan Seth, the Clubhouse Co-Founder Who is on a Mission to Help His  Daughter | Tatler Singapore

Seth designed the clubhouse in the year 2020. And it is now a billion-dollar business.

Seth was born and raised in New Delhi, where he worked for Google until 2012. he then founded Memory Labs. it "explored new efforts to capture and recall further memories." 

  1. Apoorva Mehta, Instacart

Mehta was born in India and raised in Canada. He studied engineering. He founded the firm in 2012.


How 20+ failures led to a billion dollar success: The story of Instacart

Mehta worked with firms including Blackberry, Qualcomm, and Amazon. He left Amazon in 2010 to push his start-up. It is a grocery delivery service headquartered in the USA. It gained fame since the COVID-19. The firm raised funds for $39 billion in its most recent funding round.

Mehta founded the supermarket chain in 2012. and has since become one of the world's newest billionaires.

  1. Shashank Samant, GlobalLogic

Samant is the CEO of GlobalLogic. he joined the firm in 2008. The firm made headlines earlier this week. It sold Hitachi for $10 billion.

GlobalLogic launches new state of the art India HQ - DKODING

The firm emerged in 2000. it plans to earn $1.2 billion in sales by the end of the fiscal year 2021. The group plans to have an EBITDA of more than $1 billion by FY28.

Also, the firm employs over 20k people in 14 countries.

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