A Dive into Ritesh Agarwal's Investments: The Makings of a Billionaire

Ritesh Agarwal is the CEO of OYO. He has seen it all fame, market growth, and success. His unique idea at a time when no one else had tried it gave him fame. It is a hotel booking app that would vow a room for all at their desired hotel at a fair price. He claims that his success was not easy. 


Meet OYO Rooms' founder Ritesh Agarwal: The Indian Wunderkind!


The COVID-19 was at its height in June of last year. Ritesh and Gaurav were discussing how startups were faring during this time. He focused on his hospitality firm OYO. Gaurav has taken the helm by let on ScaleX Partners. It handles investments for Aroa. 


Aroa Ventures, last year, has made stakes with ScaleX. It did not disclose details about all its investments yet. the firm revealed five of its investments. Gaurav and Ritesh were able to invest in firms at a lower cost last year. However, the firm's ideas are unique. They're conveying a product or service for which there is a demand," he said. 



A growing number of young people opts to take part in the public markets. Thus a stockbroking sector has been heating up. That's where firms like Stockal come in. it helps us in investing in US stocks.


It is a startup. It provides a working place to India's thousands of micro and nano firms. 

Orange Health

It is an on-demand diagnostics lab. It works in the fast-growing health-tech market. The firm emerged in 2020


OYO: Zingbus secures funding from Titan Capital, Ritesh Agarwal, others -  The Economic Times

It links over 30 cities in north India with its fleet of over 20 buses. It has over ten lines, with stations along the way. it claims to increase the quality of long-distance bus travel by providing:- 

  •  predictability

  •  punctuality

  •  protection

  •  easy boarding for users. 

FWD Learning 

FWD Learning, which resides in the new tech space. It assists users in adding industry-ready skills. and it links them with mentors and experts in the field. "Less than half of the Indian graduates are employable, according to the eighth edition of the (ISR). "it is a tech-enabled network. And will help improve the employability of people joining the workforce.

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