Me A-leh­dissä tuo­tamme parasta sisäl­töä ja pal­ve­lua unel­miin sekä elä­män tar­pei­siin siellä,


A-lehdet Oy is a Finnish media company that publishes high quality magazines and creates attractive media brands. Story of A-lehdet Oy started when the Lyytikäinen family founded Apu magazine in Helsinki 1933. Today A-lehdet is one of the largest media houses in Finland. The company is owned by the same family, now in the third generation.

The products of A-lehdet cover all fields of life from house repairs and decoration to cooking, free-time activities, well-being and improvement of the quality of life. The stories in the magazines are of today's world, its events and people, pictured in a genuine and captivating way.

Our brands are Apu, Apu Matka, ApuKrypto, ApuRistikot, Apu Terveys, Avotakka, Demi, Eeva,, Image, Kaikkien aikojen Joulu, Jouluherkut, Kaneli & Sokeri, Kauneus & Terveys, Kotivinkki,, Maku, Meidän Mökki, Meidän talo, Meillä, Mondo,,, Trendi, Tube, Tuulilasi, Urheilulehti, Unelmien Käsityöt, Unelmien Talo&Koti, Viherpiha and Voi Hyvin.

Finnish Design Shop with the most comprehensive selection of Finnish and Scandinavian design online joined A-lehdet Group by acquisition in January 2014.

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